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Why We Love JPS!

I rotated through JPS ED as a medical student and was very impressed with everything it had to offer and was excited about the new EM residency program. During my rotation I noticed the quality of experience the first class was getting as well as the strong support from the hospital so I chose to be part of that program. Training at JPS was amazing because I got to see and do more than most other residents in similar residency programs. We were also exposed to many things such as observation medicine, vertical patients etc during its early stages which has helped us make significant impacts at our current hospitals. Training at JPS gave us the experience and skills to handle any emergencies in any emergency department!

abu joseph do - Fort Worth EM Residency Program

I chose JPS because as a top-tier FP training site, all the rotations are directed towards generalists. The residents are all compatriots, not enemies, and the faculty are universally approachable and willing to take the time to help struggling residents. JPS’ in-house ICU months are superior – unparalleled by big programs where the IM critical care fellow does all the procedures and manages all the patients. I loved having the acuity of a major tertiary care center while still being able to safely ride my bike to and from work. I liked being able to pay the interest on my loans so they didn’t balloon into something unmanageable.

aaron blue md - Fort Worth EM Residency Program

Ever since rotating at JPS as a medical student I was blown away by the program and amazing people here. I have made lifelong friends with my colleagues and JPS family. JPS offers a huge catchman area where you can really make a difference in this county population. It offers a unique training environment where you are able to take complete ownership of your patients both in the ED and off service rotations such as ICU. I can’t imagine having trained anywhere else and feel so lucky to have had this opportunity, which I know has prepared me for all my future clinical, educational, and administrative endeavors!

jennalee cizenski md - Fort Worth EM Residency Program

I chose JPS for a number of reasons: I was impressed with the leadership and they didn’t try to upsell me, it was close to my girlfriend (now wife’s) hometown of Dallas, and most importantly I knew it would provide me with the type of training I needed to be a good emergency physician. As challenging as it was, being at JPS gave me the skills and experience I needed to feel confident in my ability to work in any environment I choose.

peter kim md - Fort Worth EM Residency Program

“I chose JPS mainly for the people I’d get to work with – from the attendings and staff to the patients and their families. I had always wanted a County Hospital as my training grounds. Finally, JPS emphasized evidenced-based medicine, efficiency, up-to-date billing/coding knowledge and comfort with high acuity so you could practice in any ED setting imaginable. I am so thankful for my time there and wouldn’t have done it any other way.”

michael balkin md - Fort Worth EM Residency Program

I chose JPS because I wanted a program that would prepare me to take care of the sickest patients no matter where I go. I knew choosing a high-volume, high-acuity institution with clinically excellent faculty would help me accomplish this, and it did. Numerous exposures to challenging scenarios helped me be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, keeping my mind calm while caring for critically ill patients today. I got all of the experiences I could ever want from residency training, and I am so grateful for that.

vietvuong vo md - Fort Worth EM Residency Program

At JPS I found a combination of resident camaraderie, faculty leadership and patient pathology I had never seen before. The JPS EM experience is second to none. JPS EM residents log significant numbers of procedures while providing quality care to critically ill patients. And the culture of the JPS EM Program not only places great importance on quality patient care, but we also care about each other and that adds real value to our training as well as making for an exciting challenge every shift.

matthew sullivan do - Fort Worth EM Residency Program

As a new grad I went to work for a busy level 1 trauma center in east Texas. After my first month out my medical director, who’s been director for the past 15 years, told me “I’ve never hired a new grad that has been able to come in and keep pace with the experienced partners the way you have. I guess all the hype about JPS grads is true.” The word is out, Fort Worth EM is THE place to train in Emergency Medicine.

mathew mackrell do - Fort Worth EM Residency Program

I chose JPS because it provided comprehensive training. From trauma to advanced medical cases JPS offered exactly what I needed to be an effective physician. You become so comfortable with procedures in the first year of residency, that while residents at other programs are trying to perfect their intubating skill, you will be perfecting your skill in running the entire department. It also has one of the strongest ICU experiences that make you an expert in critical care. I left JPS far ahead of peers coming from other programs and was able to transition seamlessly into being an attending.

ryan taube do - Fort Worth EM Residency Program

One of the many reasons why I chose JPS for residency is because of its location. Fort Worth is a city larger than Detroit, Seattle, and Las Vegas and is located in the 4th largest metropolitan area in the United States. I knew that I would be training at a high volume, high acuity trauma center. With that said, Fort Worth somehow maintains a rustic and family-friendly vibe. With top-rated zoos and museums, a rich cowboy history, and an almost endless number of festivals and concerts within the DFW area, Fort Worth has been a perfect fit for my family. My wife preferred Fort Worth to any other place I interviewed, and we have never regretted our decision to come to JPS. The benefits are some of the best I have seen, including full medical and dental insurance for residents and their dependents.

trevor thomas do - Fort Worth EM Residency Program

I chose JPS as it allowed for greater exposure to acuity and procedures than many comparable sites.  I felt very prepared for both EM boards and community practice.

matthew brewer md - Fort Worth EM Residency Program

As a fourth year medical student, I had gotten to know the Program Director well while doing many shifts together in the ED. The education and time given by Dr. Robinson let me know that he was going to put his resident’s education first. This made me very comfortable in wanting to come to JPS to be a part of its first class. I had also, as a third and fourth year TCOM student, done multiple rotations through the different services at JPS. This allowed me to see that JPS provided strong training by not having too many competing residencies and fellowships. In other programs, competing residencies or fellowships take opportunities away from residents. As an EM resident at JPS, I would be near the front of the line for education and procedures in the ER and the ICU. That was exactly the type of setting that would build strong EM residents, who could then go on and thrive in even the toughest community or academic settings. It has been over a decade since I went through the match, and I am eternally grateful that I trained at JPS EM.

samar yusuf do facep - Fort Worth EM Residency Program

I chose JPS because it offered a challenging and unique environment to receive a great education and experience. The program director at the time also drew me in with her vision to embrace each resident, and serve as an asset and mentor for every individual. The program encouraged residents to not only become good physicians, but pursue their passions to be leaders in the specialty and their communities.

keegan bradley md - Fort Worth EM Residency Program

I chose JPS because I had an excellent experience as a rotating medical student. I was impressed by the competency of the upper-level residents and I could tell that the program placed an emphasis on education and service.

jon scarborough md - Fort Worth EM Residency Program

JPS is exactly what I was looking for in terms of an EM training environment – high volume and acuity in an underserved and multicultural county patient population. There is no anesthesia residency here, so no competition for airways. There is no internal medicine residency or critical care fellowship program, so in the ICU we handle the majority of the procedures required. The ultrasound resources and curriculum are top tier. We are the only Level 1 Trauma Center in our city. The faculty is young, energetic, and engaged. They invite us to their homes monthly and often take us out for tacos after shift. My best friends in the city are my co-residents and attendings. The people at JPS make it feel like more of a home than a hospital.

jon wolfshohl md - Fort Worth EM Residency Program

JPS has been a wonderful place to train as an EM resident. Daily exposure to high acuity patients helps me feel prepared to step into my career confidently and successfully.

tyson higgins md - Fort Worth EM Residency Program

I chose JPS EM for the wide diversity of patient pathology and acuity seen here. There are not many programs that offer both the volume that JPS has and a resident driven model of patient care. Our exposure to sick patients, autonomy, and team atmosphere are unparalleled!

allison trop md - Fort Worth EM Residency Program

I chose JPS because of the patients, the faculty and the atmosphere of the hospital. We are a Level 1 Trauma Center and volume and acuity are consistently high. Our faculty are fun to work with and challenge us to think critically and practice evidence-based medicine from day one. Everyone in the hospital from our techs, nurses, house staff and faculty are all working toward the highest quality patient outcomes. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be prepared for the career of my choosing.

m michelle bundren do - Fort Worth EM Residency Program

When I was evaluating EM residencies, I wanted to go somewhere that would turn me into an amazing EM clinician.  I wanted a program that would provide me with a high volume of critically ill and injured patients.  Residency at JPS prepared me for anything I will encounter over my career.

cameron earl do facep - Fort Worth EM Residency Program

I chose JPS because I knew it would be a place that I would be proud of when I was done. It gave me unbelievable exposure to pathology and volume of patients who truly needed help and gave me a great opportunity to learn and serve at the same time.

marcus holmes do - Fort Worth EM Residency Program


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