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Resident Life

Always time for fun!

All residency events at JPS are focused not only on training and education, but building camaraderie and team-work. Examples include:

Intern Orientation Month “Wellness” Weekend
Interns are given the last weekend of their July orientation month free from clinical duties to spend time together as a class before beginning their residency rotations in August.

R2 Retreat
PGY-2’s gather as a class each Spring to team-build and plan for the upcoming senior-year. Leadership training is emphasized as well as career planning topics including financial planning, CV development, and job-interview training. The retreat consists of an overnight stay at a hotel and dinner with faculty and residency leadership.

“EM:RAP™ Club”
Once monthly, residents gather at a faculty home to have dinner and review the prior month’s episode of this podcast in a journal club format.

Holiday Party
Residents gather each Winter at a faculty house for food, fun, and celebration.

Each June, the graduating senior class celebrates with friends, family, and faculty over dinner at a premier local restaurant.

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Wellness Activities

Habitat for Humanity
Each year, our wellness faculty leader facilitates an opportunity for residents and faculty to work together on a local housing project for an underserved resident.

Shout Outs
Residents, faculty, and/or other staff who demonstrate exemplary performance each week are acknowledged at resident conference in a casual setting that encourages recognition of those who have done something outstanding, or that goes “above-and-beyond”.

Wellness Weeks
During each month that contains five Thursdays, the fifth Thursday is used as a “wellness week” that allows the residents a restful break from the usual learning environment, while still attending to their educational needs. Examples include trips to the zoo or botanical garden with a toxicologist, or pool-side education on work-life balance issues.

Wellness Lounge
Residents have their own dedicated lounge, with workstations and dictation equipment, fully stocked fridge with food and drinks, a flat screen TV with video game systems and leather couches

Food Trucks
There are food trucks available at nearly all hours of the night out front of the main facility to take care of those evening and late night cravings.

Snack Shack
Tired of the cafeteria food? Need something quick? The snack shack in the main ED provides this – of course available to use with your meal stipend.

Each Resident has their own Faculty and senior Resident mentors who act as a guide throughout residency and to the world beyond

Holiday Giveaways
The teaching institution gives prizes, free turkeys or ham each year to all staff members as a kudos

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