Academic Fellowship


This Fellowship Program is an immersive 2-year program that provides an abundant academic career development and research curriculum in the field of Emergency Medicine (EM). With the completion of a 2-year academic Emergency Medicine fellowship, the graduate will gain academic EM experience, fulfill the requirement of being a junior academic EM physician and will develop skills and recognition to further promote to a higher level of academic achievement.

The academic EM fellow will work with the department academic leadership, fellowship program director, and academic faculty to develop their own academic interests. They will also work as an attending physician in the Emergency Department, perform clinical care, oversee resident care at the bedside, develop and give various educational offerings, and participate in department academic and operations meetings.

This program is designed to facilitate the Fellow’s education, experience, and understanding of academic emergency medicine, as well as prepare them to be a leader in our field. By furnishing the tools, resources, and hands-on skills to be actively involved, yet still under the mentorship of academic EM physician leaders, the learning curve for the development of a successful academic EM Physician will be greatly reduced.


Conferences/Training courses applicable to the program:

  • ACEP Scientific Assembly
  • TCEP Annual Meetings
  • PRIM&R (Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research)
  • ACEP Teaching Fellowship
  • SAEM
  • Lean Training
  • Excellent compensation plan
  • Malpractice insurance program
Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship

Program Director: Andrew Shedd, MD
“The first ACEP Clinical Ultrasound Accreditation Program (CUAP) Accredited emergency department in Texas, and one of the first eight in the United States”


IES and the department of emergency medicine at JPS Hospital are excited to offer a 1-year fellowship in emergency ultrasound. This program will give the fellow a robust and thorough education in emergency ultrasound and its clinical applications, as well as the administrative and teaching experiences required to have a successful career in emergency ultrasound.

 Educational Components:

The fellow will gain experience with emergency department adult applications of point-of-care ultrasound in both medical and trauma patients, as well as regional anesthesia, critical care, advanced echocardiography, and pediatric applications. The fellow will gain experience in ultrasound program administration by working directly with the ultrasound director in the administrative processes. The fellow will develop their own teaching curriculum over the course of the fellowship, and by the end of the fellowship will be able to direct the case review and QA process.

 Program Benefits:

  • Competitive salary through experience as an ED attending in a county academic emergency department with EM residents
  • Personal computer, if needed
  • Outside teaching opportunities
  • TCEP
  • Paid attendance at ACEP Ultrasound Management Course
Administrative Fellowship

Program Director: Joe Young, DO


This Fellowship Program is a 2-year immersive program that provides hands-on involvement with Emergency Department and Hospital Leadership with optional concurrent enrollment in a Masters’ program (MBA, MMM, MHA, MPH).

Administrative Leadership of Hospitals and Emergency Departments, in particular, is a critical area of expertise and requires understanding the complexities that comprise the dynamic. This program is designed to facilitate the Fellow’s education, experience, and understanding of this complex system. By giving them the tools and resources to be actively involved yet still under the mentorship of Physician Leaders, the learning curve for the development of a successful Physician Leader is greatly reduced.

Educational Components:

Will be addressed in critical areas such as credentialing, risk management, quality, billing and coding, budgetary responsibilities, accreditation requirements and management of criteria of adherence, conflict resolution, operations, and contract negotiations. Multiple other areas will be addressed as well for the successful and elective development of the physician leader.


Board Certified or Board Eligible (BC/BE ABEM/AOBEM) Emergency Medicine Physician with completion of an accredited residency in Emergency Medicine.

Conferences/Training courses applicable to the program:

  • ACEP Scientific Assembly
  • ACEP Leadership and Advocacy Conference
  • ACEP Director’s Academy
  • TCEP

“When Seconds Count”

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Davina Belicek (817) 702-3623

Jane Gifford (817) 702-5601

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