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Oral Roberts University

If I Weren't a Doctor, I Would Be:

A Mountaineering Guide and Ceramic Artisan

My ED Theme-Song

Cardiac Arrest (Bad Suns)

Favorite Chief Complaint

Foreign Body in Rectum


Washington, Missouri

Hobbies & Interests

Rock climbing, mountain biking, bikepacking, backpacking, trail running, ultrarunning, mountaineering, skiing, scuba diving, cycling, triathlons, pottery, yoga, cooking, reading, travel, craft coffee, craft beer, wilderness medicine, global health

Coolest Thing I've Done

One time me and a couple friends flew our bikes down to Peru and rode ~3300 miles of high altitude dirt roads in the Andes for 70 days. Ended the trip in Ecuador where we went surfing for two weeks.

Random Fact About Me

The collective amount of time I’ve spent on road trips is longer than 1 year

Favorite Dessert (or Food)

Chicken Tikka Masala

Class of 2023,

Our Residents

Mackenzie Brown MD

Creighton University

Kaitlin Sweeney MD

University of Colorado

James Howard MD

McGovern Medical School

Chelsea K. Golden MD

University of South Carolina

JPS has been a wonderful place to train as an EM resident. Daily exposure to high acuity patients helps me feel prepared to step into my career confidently and successfully.

Becoming the Best

Starts With You!

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