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University of Arizona

If I Weren't a Doctor, I Would Be:

a personal organizer or family photographer

My ED Theme-Song

Ready To Go – Republica

Favorite Chief Complaint

Abdominal Pain


Anaheim Hills, CA

Hobbies & Interests

Family Bike Rides, Snow Skiing, Photography, Traveling

Coolest Thing I've Done

I was in the Super Bowl XXVII half time show with Michael Jackson!

Random Fact About Me

I’ve been to Space Camp, Cuba, and a World Fair Expo 86

Favorite Dessert (or Food)

Kona Pie (Island’s Restaurant)

Core Faculty,


Heidi Knowles MD, FACEP

Associate Medical Director

Nick Saltarelli MD

Director of Ultrasound

Hao Wang MD, FACEP

Director of Research

Becoming the Best

Starts With You!

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