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University of Nevada, Reno

If I Weren't a Doctor, I Would Be:

Space pirate

My ED Theme-Song

Break it Down Again – Tears For Fears

Favorite Chief Complaint

Cough that actually has a gangrenous leg


Genessee, CO

Hobbies & Interests

I enjoy a number of outdoor activities such as mountain biking, snowboarding, rappelling, & diving (be it sky or SCUBA). I’m an art enthusiast in all its forms, but a terrible painter (through it hasn’t stopped me from trying). Since moving to TX I’ve taken up axe throwing. I travel as much as possible, from Afghanistan to Uganda (thus far). I jump at the opportunity to replace brakes, fix a dryer, or assemble the toughest of IKEA furniture. And every now and then I officiate a wedding.

Coolest Thing I've Done

The government said I can’t talk about it until records are unsealed, but it involves a horse, a helicopter, and explosives.

Random Fact About Me

My zodiac sign is Tyrannosaurus rex

Favorite Dessert (or Food)

Cheesecake (any kind)

Class of 2022,

Our Residents

Samuel Crist MD

Tulane University

Nicole Bigot MD

UT San Antonio

Jacob Young MD

Louisiana State University

Jacqueline Buchak MD

University of Arizona

I was ecstatic when I saw JPS on the Match Form. I wanted to train in a busy county shop with fun people and great teaching. And I got just that.

Becoming the Best

Starts With You!

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