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UT Arlington Undergraduate/Graduate BA Biology, MBA/MHA, Texas Tech, MD/MPH/MPA

If I Weren't a Doctor, I Would Be:


My ED Theme-Song

Right Now, Van Halen

Favorite Chief Complaint

Spider Bite


Josephine TX

Hobbies & Interests

College Sports, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting, Dad things

Coolest Thing I've Done

Behind the scenes tour of the US Capital Building

Random Fact About Me

my appendix tried to kill me

Favorite Dessert (or Food)

Oreo Ice Cream

Class of 2022,

Our Residents

Waqas Ali DO

University of North Texas

Frank Furnari MD

Central Michigan University College of Medicine

Addie Boone MD

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

JPS gave me everything I wanted in an emergency medicine program. I got phenomenal training and exposure to an unbelievable amount of acuity and pathology, high quality education and sim training, and made some amazing new friends that I will have for life. Now that I am out working on my own, I get reminded often how great my training at JPS was and how it prepared me to handle anything that comes into the ER.

Becoming the Best

Starts With You!

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