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JPS Health Network has a long tradition of residency training and resident participation in scholarly activities. We take pride in our multiple grant-funded investigators that mentor Residents regarding study design, statistics and implementation. JPS maintains a full-time staff of research Nurses to assist with IRB applications, patient enrollment, and data collection and input.

Residents are required to engage in scholarly activity and provide a research product of publishable quality as a prerequisite to graduation. This may take the form of textbook chapters, case reports, original peer reviewed journal articles or another scholarly activity as approved by the Program Director and Research Committee.

Scholarly Activities Include:

  • Monthly Journal Club
  • Grand Rounds Lecture Series
  • Net Learning Modules
  • Emergency Medicine Research Rotation
  • Participation in local, regional and national symposia to include TCEP, ACEP, SAEM, AAEM, EDBA, JPS, and IES sponsored research presentations.

Research Sections

EMS & Disaster Medicine Section

Section Chief: Angela Cornelius MD, FACEP

angela cornelius md facep - Fort Worth EM Residency Program
Angela Cornelius MD, FACEP
Medical Education Section

Section Chief: Jessica Mason MD, FACEP

Medical Informatics Section

Section Chief: Hao Wang MD PhD, FACEP

Current Faculty Members:
amy ho md - Fort Worth EM Residency Program
Nathan Hoot
Nathan Hoot MD, PhD
hao wang md phd facep - Fort Worth EM Residency Program
Hao Wang MD, PhD, FACEP
Operations & Administration Section

Section Chief: Jessica Kirby DO, FACEP

jessica kirby do facep - Fort Worth EM Residency Program
Jessica J Kirby DO, FACEP
Social Emergency Medicine Section

Section Chief: James d'Etienne MD, FACEP

IMG 6275 - Fort Worth EM Residency Program
James d’Etienne MD, MBA, FACEP
Toxicology Section

Section Chief: S. Aaron Ralston DO

Current Faculty Members:
Todd Phillips MD
Jessica Weiland
s aaron ralston do - Fort Worth EM Residency Program
S. Aaron Ralston DO
Ultrasound Section

Section Chief: Nick Saltarelli MD

Nicholas Saltarelli
Nick Saltarelli MD, AEMUS FPD
Forensics Section

Section Chief: Jennifer Byrd DO

jennifer byrd do - Fort Worth EM Residency Program
Jennifer Byrd DO
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